This essay started as a text placeholder to test the layout.
But as thoughts evolve, it turned into an unfinished rant or essay about indexhibit and how keeping it simple helps the creative proces.
For years I used to have a blog, switching between platforms, finally ending up on Tumbler. Finally, I lost interest and deleted it.
I still needed a portfolio page so I found out about indexhibit, a content management platform, easy to use after the initial setup. The lack of layout options made it the perfect place to start my portfolio.
When I decided to turn my site into a "professional website" I replaced it with wordpress. I had years of experience with the format, and I used to... emphasis on "used to" like all the options it came with.
Deleted the old indexhibit, started the new shiny wordpress... I think it lasted 5 hours of tinkering till I deleted everything... again... and reinstalled indexhibit.
At first, I found it hard to explain why, but thinking more about it it came to me. Indexhibit is like a vintage camera you know well... with a roll of 35 mm, it gets the job done, no matter what.
So... here I am back, rebuilding my portfolio.

Like I said - this is a placeholder text because lorem ipsum is too mainstream.